Tuesday, April 2, 2013

False Hope Deck

Well this deck has been know my many names, False Hope, False Promiss, and (mystery)

The name is not mystery, but it will be revealed once I tell you the trump card of this deck.

False Hope starts off by giving your opponent a false sense of security, mostly because this deck wants your opponent to gain life.

Yes you heard me, with this deck you could gain life but the ultimate idea of this deck is so you force your opponent(s) to gain life.

Why you ask? Elementary dear Watson!

First however, let's go through the decklist rundown:

Lands 18:

4x Plains
2x Secluded Steppe
6x Swamp
6x Forest

White 8:

3x Life Burst
3x Wall of Shards
2x Beacon of Immortality

Black 12:

4x False Cure (The kill card of thi deck)
4x Shred Memory
2x Needlebite Trap
2x Sign in Blood

Green 14:

4x Skyshroud Cutter
4x Reverent Silence
4x Invigorate
2x Regrowth

Multicolored 6:

3x Mortify
3x Watchwolf

Artifact 2:

2x Isochron Scepter

THe main kill of this deck is False Cure. False Cure states:

"Until end of turn, whenever a player gains life, that player loses 2 life for each one life gained."

This means if you gain 4 life, you gain 4 life then lose 8 life.

Or Instead of gaining X life, you lose X life instead.

The best thing about this deck, is that False Cure stacks.

Meaning if you have two False Cure's active (it is in instant) for each 1 point of life a player gains, that player loses 3 life.

3 False Cure = 1 point of life gained, player x loses 5 life.
4 False Cure = 1 point of life gained, player x loses 7 life.

It's a very powerful card, if you can play it right, and that's where this deck comes into play.

There are many cards in this deck that can make a person gain life, even cards that you don't have to pay a mana cost for.

These cards are the following:

Skyshroud Cutter - If you gain a forest (Forest card in play) you may have each other player gain 5 life instead of playing Skyshroud's Mana Cost. 2/2 Creature.

Reverent Silence - If you control a forest, you may have each other player gain 6 life instead of paying Reverent Silence's Mana Cost. Destroy all Enchantments.

Invigorate - If you control a forest, you may have an opponent gain 3 life instead of paying Invigorate's Mana Cost. Target Creature get's +4/+4 until end of turn.

Those few cards are really helpful with killing anybody. Especially the first two since they make all other opponents gain life.

One thing to note, you can use Reverent Silnce, and Invigorate even if there are no cards in play that they can target. This is because the card is played, then you look for a target(s). So if there are no enchantments in play, reverent silnce will still trigger, but since nothing in play is elligble to be destroy, nothing is done. The card is still played, it just has no effect.

The best way to run this deck is as follows:

Play Isochron Scepter (2 of any mana) when it comes into play remove an Instant card with CMC (Converted mana cost) of 2 or less in your hand from the game. The removed card is imprinted onto Isochron Scepter.

Tap 2 of any mana, tap Isochron Scepter. You may copy the imprinted card and play the copy without paying it's mana cost.

I know this sounds stupid since your still paying 2, but think again. YOu can play 2 of anything. SO if you have more plains then swamp and you imprinted False Cure (2 Black mana cost instant) you can save those black mana for something else more useful.

The ultimate combo of this deck is Beacon of Immortality + False Cure.

This is a one-hit kill combo. Beacon of Immortality (5 Generic 1 White mana) Double target player's life total. Shuffle Beacon of Immortality into it's owner's library.

That is an instant kill combo, because even if they try to do anything (like a counter) you still have plenty of ways to kill them.

Most of my matchups with this deck are very positive with Beacon since they are trying to counter false cure or other cards, and ultimatly wasting counters on essentially decoys in the grand scheme of this deck.

This is a very good "Controlish" deck since you are controlling life points.

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