Monday, July 22, 2013

The Last of Us

Very few games come out that makes us think what if this would happen, and could this happen. Also some of these games also make us think what would I/we do in this situation. Very few games really give you that feeling like The Last of Us does.

The Last of Us puts you in the center of a very real feeling survival situation, how you go about it is your choice. You could go around and try to kill everything in your path, or you can sneak and evade everything. it really depends on the situation and how comfortable you feel doing it.

One of the best components in this game is crafting. Crafting Shivs, Molotov's, etc. You can find some of these on the ground or hidden in corners, but you can also find the ingredients to make them, similarly to how you would find them if your were scavenging for items. You really have to look everywhere. Don't take it for granted that it doesn't seem that something is hiding around that corner because there just might be something over there.

The downside in my opinion is that the game's combat mechanic isn't as fluid as it should have been or even could have been.While it does feel and look super real like that is how one would expect a person to fight, I feel that it's a bit clunky in overwhelming areas.

I will also say that if you are clumsy and you alert just ONE zombie, this is where it gets really good. While the combat isn't what it could have been, the response time of the zombies that will be flooding it really give you a sense of HOLY CRAP, TIME TO RUN!!!!!

The zombie horde is always waiting, always watching and or listening, and if you alert them be prepared to fight a lot of zombies and in a very short amount of time. They did a good job with that, I love that consequence if you will where you alert zombie A, and zombies B - Z come rushing in.

Graphically this game is simply amazing, it really does have that survive feel to it that some games just don't quite have. The environment really feels alive, water moving, trees being blown by the wind, it really has the lifelike feel that all survival games should have.

The transitions from place to place has been well done, from grimy flooded sewers, to overgrown decaying cities, each area has it's own unique feel to it. The character details are also amazing, the lighting on both environments and characters have been executed tremendously. The clothes on the characters really seem well worn and not just a slightly used coat with some dust on it, but it really has that weathered worn out look.

Sounds in this game are key, literally the key to your survival. You might not be able to know where or if an enemy is around, but you can hear them. Sounds also plays a distinctive role when AI characters will tell you if they hear or see something. You have to keep your wits about you, if your too distracted by the visuals or the scope of your journey, then you will get hurt, or possibly killed.

The music in this game really also gives life to it as well. The music really shows it's emotional side and it fits this games emotion perfectly. A lot of times some games have great music but it doesn't fit what your playing, where you are, what your doing at that moment. It can kill a games momentum there for some people, but this game nails each one spot on.

I would go into the plot of a game by now, but I really don't want to give anything away. I will say that within the first few minutes of the game, it felt very real to me.

If you like zombie games, or at least survival games in general, then you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not getting this game, at least rent it and see if you want to buy it. This is a really well done game.

I give this game a 9 out of 10

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