Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My internet was wacky for the last few days but I'm back + Tokyo Jungle and NFL Blitz Review

Here are 2 reviews for not being so active. I will now though since everything is working perfectly now!

NFl Blitz PSN review:

Before I get started this does not have the same feel or energy/excitement that the original had. However this is still a very cool game.

NFL Blitz first appeared on the arcades, which where I spent most of my time was on two machines. One of them is Tekken Tag Tournament and the other was NFL Blitz. This game does have some of the same feel as the original. You still need the 30 yards for a first down, you can still make awesome tackles and long bomb throws down field. Why does this not seem like the original you ask? Simple they took the fun out of them game by removing the late hits. You know, when a play ended you could still tackle someone and cause a massive blur of carnage. Or you could while still as the ball carrier keep making dives and looking like a fool. All of that added to the games originality, and uniqueness.

You can't change the length of the length of the quarters, well for the most part a game that has so much potential has come up way short. I want to have full length games, I want to customize my game in any way I feel that I should be able to. There are some cool things though, like the Blitz Gauntlet which pits you up against a bunch of teams that you go up the ladder to beat. During the gauntlet you face BOSS teams and upon winning earn codes to use in games. You can also use codes before a game starts I believe there's a trophy for entering something like 10 different correct codes before a game starts.

In the end NFL Blitz is a fun game to play, but it's nothing like the original, maybe one day we can get a Blitz game that truly feels like the original. This game does come really close though, hell very close!

9.0 out of 10

Not having the customization that we should and not really offering that much in extra has hurt the score, slightly!

Tokyo Jungle

How much can I say about this game? About a game that is only about using animals to survive and thrive after humanity has vanished? Actually quite a bit!

Tokyo Jungle takes place years after humanity has vanished, there are traces, logs that can lead up to why this happened. (I didn't finish the game, only started playing some today)

There are 2 modes Survival and Story, but you can't just play Story mode. You have to first play survival mode and unlock extras and discover what happened to unlock Story mode.

There are something like 50+ animals to use (you have to unlock most of them) before you can use them.

The game is played by moving from left to right and either up on top of buildings or down into sewers. The goal is simple survive. You must kill other animals and eat them to keep your hunger and life in check and you must also find a mate and reproduce in order to ensure the survival of your kind. You will come across easy foes like baby chickens (Which I believe is one of the types of animals that you can use to try to survive) to fierce animals like hyenas and wolves. You can pick up items like medical supplies that help with healing your health and radiation levels. To customizing your animals with clothes like a helmet for better protection, etc.

It's a simple sounding game but it's not easy, with moving food (you must kill it) to radioactive rain and environments  to larger animals that want to eat you too. It's easier sounding than it looks, you will be pushed to the limits  nothing is easy. This is pure survival, only the strong survive. Survive and thrive, or roll over and die (You see what I did there?)

In the end this game gets a 9.4 out of 10

Forcing you to play survival mode is stupid. let's be honest here survival mode comes after you beat story mode, like beat story mode with animal X and you unlock survival mode for animal X.

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