Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

Sorry that this was not up on Sunday/Monday, I had a problem with my PC that was causing problems for me.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the sequel to one of the best games (Tekken Tag Tournament) which started as an Arcade game then was ported to the PS2.

The game is different from other Tekken games because they normally had 1v1 fighting but now you can have tag or 2v2. It sounds simple but is very effective with the possible tag combos that you can create.

There are over 50 playable characters and each one of them have multiple costumes (well from what I've seen I'm assuming each one has at least one extra costume)

Fan favorites are back like Jin, Jun, Heihachi Mishima, Ogre, Bryan Fury, etc. as well as some extra characters that are new to the Tekken Tag lineup such as: Bob, Zafina, Miguel Caballero Rojo, etc.

The lineup is amazing, but the gameplay is even better than I thought that it was going to be. It is smooth, fluid, and I never felt that the I was hindering myself and not the game. It's great to see that as a whole the moves have not changed. They added new moves and new counters, but they didn't really mess with what was already working for them in the first game. The take downs are the same, the combos are still the same, but they execute these moves better than ever. You can also buy items to customize your characters. You buy these items by collecting money from your matches. The better you do the more you can make.

The multiple stages make this game feel fresh and new during every battle. Even if you've played that stage a few moments ago the stages have surprises in them which keep the feel alive.

The music in the game is okay, I preferred the music from the first Tekken tag game, but fear not. They have released music track DLC (one for each of the earlier games 1, 2, 3, and tag) or you can buy the whole tracklist at a decent price. I wish that they would've added these into the game from the beginning but then again how can they make more money out of this game.

The plot is well what plot? To be honest it's kind of like the first Tekken game where there is a mini plot when you beat it but nothing that really adds to the game. It also doesn't really take away from the game all that much either, it's just a filler spot to be honest.

Tekken Bowl is missing! Really??? Why did they not include this? In case your new to the whole Tekken Tag universe let me fill you in. In TTT there is a mode call Tekken Bowl. It's a mini game in which you select 2 people and play a game of bowling. It's sounds stupid but it's fun. This time they substituted it for a new mode called Fight Lab. You play as a Combot going through fight simulations and basically training for the game. This mode is flawed like nobody's business and doesn't really help anyone out all that much. I guess you can say that this does have a plot to it but it's not all that good of a game mode. You are better off playing in practice or just play the arcade mode to get better than try this mode out, it will waste your time.

There is a lot of cool online features like Ranked Match, Player Match, etc. One of the coolest features isn't a match per se, but it's what you can do while it's searching for an opponent. You can do a practice game with  the AI to just get you ready for a fight.

Well all in all this game is loaded with awesome new features while still retaining what made this game great. There are new characters that came out for the game in recent updates with more characters still yet to be released (fingers crossed) hopefully this month we'll see at least the rest of the regular extra ones. This is a very fun but challenging game, a must have for not only just people who are a fan of fighting games or Tekken games, but use who really love the Tekken Tag Game (The only Tekken game I've ever played is the first TTT).

I give this game a 9.8 out of 10

I wish that they would've added the Tekken Bowling game into this or at least some other cool mini game but oh well!

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