Monday, September 24, 2012

Binding of Isaac Review + Video

The Binding of Isaac is a great little game, it has awesome gameplay and a cool soundtract. However it's also very fun to play.

The story is bad, there really is no story. You play Isaac who seems like a good kid, but your godly mother hears a voice that commands her to remove all evil from your life. She takes away your toys, your pictures that you were drawing and your pants. Then he instructs her to lock you away from all that is evil;, to which she agrees and lock you in your room. He calls yet again for one more favor, a sacrifice! He instructs your mother to kill you as an offering to prove her devotion to him and nothing else. She again agrees and she grabs a butcher's knife. As she makes her way to your room, you see what is going on through a hole in your door. Isaac run around trying to find a way out when he finds a trap door leading to the basement, just as your mother comes into your room he jumps down and enters the basement.

The game has multiple levels and each level does get progressively harder, however there is one really great thing about this game. The levels are randomly generated! No play through will be like the last, which adds variety and depth to the game.

You fight with your tears (literally) you shoot tears at your enemies. You can increase your tear damage and rate of fire and range by picking up various items. You can increase your health and have special weapons like a huge bomb or a lot of little bombs litter a room. There is one downside to the great items, you don't know what they do. When you pick up a special item or a pill, the only thing you get is a name sometimes the items name will be ???? because you've never used it before. It would've been nice to include a small description to what the item(s) do when you get them, because some items can hurt you as well. The more you play, the more you unlock like new characters. There characters don't have the amopunt of hearts that Isaac has but they have special abilities like increased speed, etc.

The enemies aren't pushovers either, you can get swarmed by little worm like dudes, or get bloody zombies coming after you. Some of them can only be dealt damage when they do something, like in the case with one enemy it can only be damaged when it goes to attack you. Some enemies attack with a projectile like you do, while others simply charge you to deal damage. The hardest thing about this game is that you only have one life. When you hearts are depleted, your done!

The sound effects are superb and the music is killer. I recommend to anyone to buy the game and the soundtrack at the same time.

Here is the video:

I give this game a 9.8 out of 10

The game can be a little tough and only having one life tacks this game down a little for it!

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