Monday, September 10, 2012

Update and mini review

A few posts back I said that I was going to start playing Final Fantasy X, well my copy is toast and apparently so is my controller. I bought them today online and I'm waiting for them to arrive.

I did however buy a new game on steam called Home, which is going to be reviewed below. I didn't post this yesterday because I've been sick and yesterday is still a blur to me.

Home is a side-scrolling 16-bit look pixelated horror game. This game proves one good thing, you don't need blood and guts flying all around you to give you the feel of fear and terror. This little game packs a great punch of making you feel disturbed, and scared by what's going to happen next. The story of the game is you play a guy who awakens in a dark room with no clue as to where they are, or even how they got there. You have to search every area you can to find clues to might lead you to the truth. There is depth to the story but only if you look for it. There are items that you can pick up, but you can also leave them alone. The choice is yours weather you want to/feel that you need to carry item X, but remember that picking up items can change the outcome of the story. There are multiple endings, and each decision you make can either keep you on the same story path, or (albeit slightly) alter it.

The game has some good eerie sounds, but the do become repetitive after some time. For instance if you go through steel door x and y, they could have had a slightly different sound for each door but that's just me being a little picky.

The game does have one major flaw though, it's super short. The first time I played this it took my slightly more than an hour to finish it, but once I beat the game i played it again in about 45 minutes I beat it again. once you get to know the layout of the land so to say, it's easier to re-play it again, but I just wish that it was a little bit longer.

In short, this game is fun, it plays on fear very well, but it's way to short of a game, if the game would've been about 30-45 minutes longer than this would be getting a perfect 10 because of how much fun it really is, however since it's short and re-play isn't all that good to be all honest with you, I give this game a 9.4 out of 10.

This game is cheap at just $2.99 on the Steam store, you should pick it up on the fact that this is what all horror games should be, fun, exciting, and scary.

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