Sunday, November 25, 2012

Portal 1+2 Review plus giveaway to all who follow me on playfire

First off, hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day.

Portal 1+2 review will be 2 reviews in one mini-review

Portal is simple to learn but can be hard to master. You have 2 portals a blue one and an Orange one. You step in one and you come out the other. Sounds simple but the puzzles can be a little tricky. You use these portals to solve puzzles, escape danger and well to have fun.

The sounds in portal like the music can be a little stale at times  This is mostly the sound that gets stale and not so much for the effects like portals being fire. You shoot portals from a portal gun, but not everyplace can support a portal.

The puzzles can be easy and hard, it depends on how much you know about the game, and how you do on games styles along Portal's ilk.

There is a story, you awake in a small glass room with no idea of where you are or what you're doing there. You hear at first a voice "helping" you along the way. You must go through 19 levels and work your way to the end goal, what that goal is I won't say in case you've never played this before. You never meet anyone in the game, well no non-robots that is. No clue what heppened to them.

The graphics are really good on the game, at some times they have messed up in a few weird spots on my PC but since I can never replicate those results when I want it to, I count them as flukes.

The big downside to this game is how fast this games is to play and beat the story mode. I've beaten this at least 3 times in one day. They should have added more levels, but i don't think that they intended this game to be so popular. I mean after all this game first came out in the Orange Box with Half Life and Team Fortress 2.

On to portal 2

After the events of Portal 1, this game starts with a person in a suspended animation for a long, long, long time. Just like last time (At least for how far I'm along in this game) I have only meet robots in this game, and no people yet. You meet a new character who helps you along, why is a part that I will leave up to you, however you do meet a familiar face in this game.

The sounds and graphics are drastically improved in this game. They really stepped this game up a notch  They make this game look more like a traditional beat this puzzle to keep your self moving towards a goal, while moving through what looks more like a survival setting than the lab rat in a maze setting as that's how the previous game made me feel like.

The puzzles are more complex and MUCH LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, they added more substance to the game and makes it feel more like a game than an add-on.

Portal 1+2 Bundle from steam is a great buy, I give the bundle a 9.5 out of 10

Portal 1 I give an 8 out of 10. It feels like they gave up a bit early and they definitely didn't add enough levels, or at least make them longer.

Portal 2 i give it a 10+ out of 10. First things first, they didn't change anything, they just improved upon it. Second their story ties with the first one so it helps answer some questions. The make the levels harder than the first game and longer to do as well.

Now onto my contest on a site called

I would think of it as Facebook for gamers if I didn't think that it would tarnish playfire. People can track their stats from systems like Xbox, PS3, Steam, etc. and people also talk about the games their playing or just random stuff in general.

I had a contest a few days ago and I will be doing another one on my birthday on December 9th of this year.

All one needs to do is be a member of Playfire. It doesn't cost you to join at all, it's completely free. Then that person should track me, because on December 9th I will open my contest and how you enter si simple, just say why you want to win/why you should win. That's it! You can say I want to win because I just want to, or you feel like a winner, etc.

All prizes right now are in the form of games from Steam, here is a list of the games available in the contest as of right now:

2 Copies of Bunch of Heroes
1 Copy of Rome Total War: Gold Edition
1 Copy of Home
1 Copy of Magnetis
1 Copy of Left 4 Dead 1 + 2 Bundle
1 Copy of  Portal 1 + 2 Bundle

I should have more gifts available when the time the contest starts, well hopefully I'll have more.

Anyways, I hope you liked this review and I hope you join me on my Birthday Contest!

BTW Just like Playfire, my contest is free to join!

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