Tuesday, December 4, 2012

God of War Saga Ultimate Bundle Review

God of War Saga with red controller is epic win.

First off you get a new Red PS3 controller (No charging cable which surprised me) and 5 games. What makes this bundle so special are the 5 games.

You get the classic God of War PS2 game (All of these are remastered for PS3 with trophy support) God of War 2, God of War chains of olympus, and ghosts of sparta.

You also get GOD OF WAR 3!!!

One thing did annoy me about this bundle, other than no charge cable for the controller, god of war 1, 2 came on a disc and God of War 3 came on a disc. God of War chains of olympus, and ghosts of sparta. came with a download code to download them from the store. I believe that they could've added them to discs as well.

I don't have any kind of review on the games since this will be me first time playing them, well I played the demo of GoW 1 many years ago.

This is what I know so far, the combat system is fantastic, smooth and precise. The character development and story line development is edging and all around fun. The music fits this game very well, whoever was in charge should work on all games.

The difficulty of this game is also very freaking well done. It's not too easy where you could breathe on the enemies and they all die, but it's not that it takes you hours on any enemy or a boss. It's somewhere in the middle that I call the sweet spot. It can appeal to games of every skill level.

This Ultimate Combo has 1 more trick of it's sleeve. It also contains a one month PS+ trial. Which as long as you cancel the trial you will never be charged and you could try out PS + for the first time.

So lets take the prices of this bundle apart (as if you were going to buy each thing.)

Red Playstation 3 Controller - $54.99
God of War Saga New - $39.99
One month to PS Plus - $7.99 (They did at one time sell them for about this price)

Total = $102.97

The Price of God of War Saga & Deep Red DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller Bundle = $59.99

Yep, you heard rightr for just $5.00 more than buying a regular controller by itself, you get God of War Saga, and a one month to PS+.

There are other bundles like this, but none have as many games as this one does.

Remember that this sunday marks my steam game gicveaway on playfire.

Look for HappyBiscuit!

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