Monday, December 31, 2012

A Virus Named Tom Review

A Virus Named Tom Review:

A Virus Named Tom is a complex puzzle game in where you are a Virus (Named Tom) and your goal is to take down the very technology that people take for granted.

Your goal is to spread your Virus to certain areas of machines in order to take them down, you do this by making a daisy chain where it will start at the beginning and connect through all of the other pieces and to the end. It's a simple idea but it is very triky and you'll have to re-start some levels a few times because they don't make it easy.

The story is that your a virus made by a known scientist who was fired. The scientist is seeking revenge because he created all of these technologies that people are using and no one really respected him for any of it.

The beginning levels are easy, so simple. However once the game picks up it becomes more prevalent that strategy will get you through the game and not just speed.

You will have to contend with (I guess you can could them) anti-virus bugs. If you touch one you die. The puzzles will also have the pieces hidden or "encrypted" and the only way to know if it's in the right position is to match the pieces up so your virus can continue the chain.

There is cop-op and like a versus battle, where either you and your friends team up in a puzzle, or you and your friends battle each other to see who the top virus really is.

Visually the game looks really good for the type of style that it is. You can easily see everything you need to and nothing will drown out something else.

The sounds in the game fit the game pretty good. They kind of match so well they might have done the same like what happened to the game Shatter where they made the music for the game. The sound effects of the tiles rotating around and the virus spreading to even things blowing up sound really good.

In the end this is simply one of the most challenging puzzle games I've ever played and I hope that one day you try it out.

I give it a 9 out of 10.

The game can be really hard and frustrating for some and I believe that they should at least slow down on their pace from this is normal to here, have fun.

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