Sunday, December 16, 2012

Trash Panic Review + Information.

I was going to do a few reviews last week, but with my birthday I decided to hold off until this week.

*****Video of trailer at the end*****

The first review is Trash Panic (ゴミ箱 Gomibako?) PSN game that is fun but challenging, very, very, very challenging. Oh did I mention that this game is VERY CHALLENGING.

Trash Panic is a puzzle game where you must destroy trash in a garbage can. Sounds simple but it's not. You must use trash to break up other trash, like smashing a toaster into a light bulg, or a microwave oven into the toaster, etc. Some of the trash is burnable like guitars, wood crates, toilet paper, etc. However some items can not be burned like safes, ovens, etc. and some will put the fire out like toilets and barrels which contain water in them or a fire extinguisher. You have a predetermined amount of trash that yuo must go through in order to complete the level. It's not easy and it will put you to the test. There are 2 items you must watch out for, one of them is a Mottaina or special trash. This item MUST make it to the bottom of your trash can and MUST not be broken or burned or damaged. A little guy at the bottom of the screen will remove it from your Garbage can when he passes by it (Only if he can reach it) if the item is destroyed your garbage can will be filled with junk that will be hard to remove. The other item is a BOSS item. You must destroy the BOSS in under 10 seconds. If you fail to do the it will also drop a whole bunch of trash into your can, seriously messing up your chances of winning.

The music is okay, it's not great but it at least a little up beat and fun. The sounds are good, from items destroying to the sounds of water rushing and items burning /exploding. Yes you heard me correctly, some items like propane canisters can explode in your garbage can.

You will fail the game if 3 unbroken items don't go into the garbage can but instead fall to the ground. If you smash something down on the top of your garbage can and it breaks and falls out of the can and onto the floor, your  fine, no problems here. Just make sure that nothing unbroken hits the ground too many times. The game rewards you on your neatness or ECO. The more tidy and less cluttered your garbage can is, the better score you will have. Conversely  the more scattered trash you have and the more broken special items, etc then the higher your EGO will be and the lower your rating will be.

All-in-all this is a fun but seriously hard game that is worth the $4.99 price tag from the PSN store.

I give this game a 8.5 out of 10

This game needs to have a tutorial level, the learning curve is tough, but with practice comes fun, and hey who doesn't like to see an explosion from a garbage can anyways?

Stay tuned for more reviews coming  really soon!

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