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Culdcept PS2 Review + Pictures + Videos

Culdcept is a weird game, it's part board game and part card game. Think of Magic the Gahtering (Or some other card game like it) and Monopoly. Put them in one of those paint shakers and mix them out.

The end product is Culdcept, an interesting yet frustrating game. Combos and game breakers (like real card games) are filled in this game. Some of the combos are funny, even when you are losing it's hard to be mad at the game. It has a nice cute feeling to it, that people of all ages can like.

The story is Culdcept is the book of creation and destruction. Culdra Absolute Goddess, the keeper of the book is making sure that there is balance in the Universe, both good and bad. Whomever owns the Culdcept book obtains her powers. Cepters (Your player and others that you battle) control culdcept and battle. (for either good or evil) Any victor becomes a god and has the power to create a new World. New world being formed are part of the never ending cycle of reincarnation.  There is one cepter that Culdra has foreseen, his name Geminigh is his plot is to end the cycle of new worlds forming and control the entire universe.

This is where you come in, you must fight cepters, build your deck and eventually fight and defeat the evil Geminigh before he can take over the universe.

One of the best things about this game is well everything, from the music to the graphics style of the game, the mechanics like how some cards work to the story and the characters individual story.

Each battle is either 1v1 or 1v2 or 1v1v1 (free for all), etc. and all are played on a board, but not one board. Each map has it's own board to play on and each board has it's own niche differences.

The first board in Dunnan (pictured below) is the first one you play it's comprised of 18 squares. 4 squares of Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and one Castle (The top square) and the bottom square is a fort. The idea is to put element matching creatures on their respective land, so a red creature on a red land. If you do this you get bonus in HP for your creature. The goal is to get a certain amount of G, or Mana and then reach the Castle. Dunnan is I believe 5,000 G before you are victorious.

 After you win you receive cards that you can add to your deck. Depending on who you fought against will change the types of cards you obtain. For example the second story battle is against a person named Zagol, the Head Thief. When you win you are more likely to receive red creature cards from him, Fighting Luthien will net you will spell cards. This are not absolute however, you will still receive other types of cards from them, but for the most part you will see that they have tendencies to the cards that you get.

There's more that I could go into like shrines, etc. but then it would become more of a walkthrough than a review. The most important thing to know is that the game has a very good tutorial system and you will never feel lost in this game.

You can even have custom matches with the AI and this is where the grinding happens. You can have 2v2 teams, you can decide on how many rounds the game can take or how much G someone must acquire in order to achieve a victory. This is where I spent most of my time in this game.

Sometimes the music can be a little boring, especially if playing long matches or you are playing the same map. However with quick games or with games that have a lot of action, e.g. attacking/defending you won't get so bothered by it. I was never bothered by the music but I know that some people have been.

The graphics above are 3DS picture of the first map, ps2 pictures are below, plus an old video I took a while back will also be below. I am rendering some videos for uploading now so I will have the intro and the first battle so far will be going up very soon. I won't do a let's play since this game is hard where you need to get better cards but sometimes that's easier said than done!

In the end this game is amazing, the PS2 is a port (I believe) of the Sega Saturn version, there is also a DS and a 3DS version but I believe that every other Culdcept game is Japanese. There is an English Culdcept on the 360 called Culdcept Saga as well.

This game gets a 10 out of 10 you can play with your friends, you can play with teams like 2v2 of you and an AI vs Ai or you and your friend vs AI (I believe so)

PS2 Pictures:

PS2 Videos:

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