Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why Sony hates us PS3 users - Playstation 4 review update

Okay so I've been doing some research and it runs out that Sony hates us PS3 users, and here's why:

Playstation 4 is NOT backwards compatible with PS3 games - Also reports are that no PS1 nor PS2 compatibility either!

Playstation 4 is NOT compatible with ANY PSN GAMES EITHER

I have tons of PSN games, I have a good amount of PS3 games, this means that Sony will only have the PS4 do PS4 things.

Also if you want to re-buy your games that you already opwn on a different format. The Playstation 4 won't even support your save files either.

WTF is up with this SONY???

Who came up with this idead and why did you jump on it like nobody's business?

I think this Sony fan, might stick with what I got, I'll give it some time like a year or so to see how the system pans out, but right now I'll stick with my PS3 and PC.

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