Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Feature - Retro Tuesday - Tetris Attack Review

In honor of the Midwest Gaming Classic (which is March 23rd - 24th 2013) and I'll be going to, I hacve created a new feature called Retro Tuesday.

Every Tuesday I'll be reviews a classic game, nothing newer than PS2, but more reviews will be pre PS2.

First up is a SNES Puzzle game called Tetris Attack.

Ah Tetris, the game that started the puzzle game crazy. It's addictive and challenging. There have been ripoffs, and spinoffs, but this is (In my opinion) neither. This is it's own game, it has it's own feel, and here's why.

Tetris Attack has nothing to do with Tetris at all, it's not about shapes being fit and making lines. It's about sliding pieces around a field and trying to match 3+.

Sounds like a boring game right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!! While other sliding puzzle games are inherently boring (try to prove me wrong, I dare you!) this is completely different due to a few things.

#1. It has characters that (If you've been playing Nintenod games you would know and connect to)
#2. It's a hard game, it can be easy, but it can also be BRUTAL
#3. It's a great game to play with and against your friends.

Firt off, here is a picture of Tetris Attack:

Now, here is a picture of a game called Panel De Pon:

Tetris Attack is based off a Japanese Puzzle game called Panel De Pon, everything from Tetris Attack was taken from this (sans characters) the mechanics, the story (with slight alterations) EVERYTHING.

You may be asking, so why does this game have the title Tetris?


How many people (outside of japan) buy a game called Panel De Pon? Now I know that poeple would buy it, now ask yourself this, how many people WILL buy any game with Tetris in it's title?

Answer is a lot! Tetris Attack, is Panel De Pon with some of Nintendo's  infamous characters, and a slightly changed story. For the most part the mechanics stayed unchanged, except for slight argumentation.

All of this aside, forgetting that fact that it's a ripoff of Panel De Pon (Similar to what Super Mario Bros. 2 did with Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic) removing all of that from your mind, it's still a really amazing game.

This is a crash course, err...let's go to youtube instead!

As you see, you must match 3+ pieces in either horizontal or vertical position. The object is to get a combo (4+ pieces matched up) or make a chain, whereby you match three, then (if there are any) pieces on top of them fall down and match with the any below, you get a chain.

The game takes some time to fisrt pick and and be able to hold your own on the lower difficulties. However, once you progress and get farther in not only the level (there is a VS mode) but also in the difficulty you select.

Game modes ar as followed:


Endless - No time limit, it's just you vs the puzzle (Well not truly endless, score that ends the game is 99,999)

Time Trial - How many points can you score in 2 minutes.

Puzzle Mode - Complete the Tetris Attack puzzle with the amount of moves that allow you to make

Stage Clear Mode - Clear all blocks until you are under the Stage Clear Line.

VS - You (Yoshi) must battle and defeat enemies to save your friends. More levels unlock when you play harder difficulties.


Time Trial - You both play for 2 minutes at the same time. See who gets more points. Great for either playing with beginners or being a beginner yourself.

VS Mode - You and your friend play and see who can take the other out by making chains, combos, etc. Really addictive and a fun game to play. Recommended to play with people on same level as you, since better players can beat you before you know what happened.

One of the best things is that you don't need a friend for VS mode. You can play with the Computer.



CPU levels go from level 1 to Level 7. Obviously the lower, the easier and the higher, the harder.

This is great, best of both worlds, you don't need anybody to get good at the game, you can use the bots.

This is one of my favorite games ever, I've wasted well over 100 hours in this game.

I give this game a 9.9 out of 10

I think that they could have made the chains go past 13 instead of ? chains that give you like no points at all, well hardly at all)

Well that wraps up this first review of Retro Tuesday, stay tuned for more reviews and a review of the MGC on the 24th where I'll detail everything I saw.

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