Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog update + reviews for Retro Tuesday

This has been a hard week for me, so I am making sure that I don't miss this week's Retro Tuesday. I will be posting another classic review tomorrow.

Also MGC (Midwest Gaming Classic) is this Saturday

Tetris, the game that really put puzzle games on the map. You can say Tetris to almost anyone and they will know what you're talking about.

Tetris is an icon, it has yet to have any game be able to contend with it, it's unsurpassed.

The greatest thing about this game is that it's hard and easy, but it's always fun. It's a really addicting game since games don't take much longer than maybe 30 minutes at the most.

How can any puzzle game be simpler than Tetris? There are what seven pieces of different shapes, that must be placed and form a line connecting from one end of the board, to the other.

It sounds simple, but it can be very hard on later levels.

Those are the pieces that you must use (in no particular order) to create as many lines as you can. If you can make more than one line at a time, you get more points. You get points for bringing pieces from the top of the field, to the bottom (you don't get points if the pieces use the level's gravity speed to bring them down, you must pull them down) The amount of lines that you can make up to (for using the long piece on the bottom right of that picture) one line, two lines, three lines, and finally four lines. If you can make four lines at once, this is called a Tetris. This is the most point making line that you can achieve.

It's really hard to come up with one reason that it's so popular, I guess if I had to pick one reason it would be that it's simple. It's not an overly complicated game, it doesn't have a bunch of features that other puzzle games have that might hinder the quality or the tempo of the game.

In the end, Tetris is a game that can transcend time because it's something that everyone, young old, everyone can relate to and experience together because it doesn't try to be one thing or another. Tetris is something that people should follow in their lifestyle and just be themselves.

I give this game a 10 out of 10

Tetris is the best puzzle game, and even though it has been remade since it came out, it still keeps the core value of the game and while some variants might have new game modes, the classic classic mode is still the best and is still the go to mode for everyone.

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