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Hot Shots Golf 3 Review - PS2 - Originally Posted: 12/11/06

"Talk about a Hole-In-One!" - Hot Shots Golf 3 - PS2

Introduction: Hot Shots Golf 3 is not you average golf game, it's better. With a power shots mode and fun and interesting characters, Hot Shots Golf 3 is a very enjoyable game.

Graphics: Obviously they aren't up to par with some of the newer golf games that are out there but that doesn't mean that they are horrible. The Graphics are very crisp and very beautiful. Whether you're on the green or in the water the graphics are very nice.

Gameplay: HSG3 is relatively easy and hard at the same time. The learning curve for when you're starting off (well at least for me) was roughly 30 minutes. The power and accuracy meter are one in the same, you press X to start the meter you press X when you have the power level you want and you press X to get the accuracy that you're looking for. However you can and will mess up your shots so don't worry it happens to us all. You can also get Super Topspin where you press down while setting power and up when setting accuracy, if you get 100% accuracy than you'll get the super Topspin. Super Backspin is the same way except you press up during power and down during accuracy. I wasn't great and I wasn't too bad but now that I've had many more days of practice I can now at least do as well or better. You have many different choices when you're playing they are as followed: Single play has Stroke Play where you try to beat your best score on any course. Tournament Mode which there are seven tournament classes with four tournaments inside of it bringing the total tournaments ( that I know of there might be more) 28. VS Mode where you play head-to-head against 15 characters. Training Mode where you choose a certain course and a certain hole and try to see if you can get better on those tricky holes, and finally National Tournaments where a long time ago there were tournaments that you could input the code and play a real tournament. When the tournament was over you would than get a code to place on the official website to see how you rank with other people. You also have Multi-Player modes such as Stroke Play and Match Play which is a 2-Play head-to-head on 18 holes, 9 holes, 6 holes, or 3 holes. You even have a short course mode which is a 9 hole course that is comprised of only Par 3's.

Sound: The sound in the game is a double-edge sword, what that means is the wind howling, the ball landing on the fairway, green rough, the cup and even the water is spectacular. The downside is the constant annoying speeches that can plague you to miss a shot. I've missed many outs with these “careful” and “calm down!” I don't know why HSG3 had the idea to riddle the green with these but it's not that big of a deal but it's something to listen out for.

Difficulty: Hot Shots Golf 3 can be easy and difficult at the same time because of the fact that you might just miss pressing the X button right when the meter gets to 100% accuracy but hey other than that the casual tournaments aren't that hard, some of the characters that you play in VS Mode can be tricky at most, especially when you're having a bad day with golfing.

Replaying: Would I replay this game? Yes I would I love this game some much from the awesome sounds to the funny animations from either getting par or getting yet another bogey this game will still be fun even if it was 10 years from now!

Overall: This game is very excellent I recommend that you pick it up. If you think that this game sounds and looks cool well guess what? It's fun and it's very excellent!

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 12/11/06

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