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Madden NFL 2004 Review- PSOne - Originally Posted: 04/01/04

 "Boom! Now that was a hit!" - Madden NFL 2004 - PSOne


For those of you who are familiar, and for those of you who have never heard of this game, you should listen up. The Madden franchise has yet again created another masterpiece in the form of the most realistic and better looking football game ever! It’s fast, and it has a couple of new features, but most of all it’s fun. So gear up and meet me on the field!

Graphics - 9/10:

The graphics could have been a little bit better, but their working with this game on the PSX so there will be some limitations. However, I like the graphics more on this version than on any other madden game for the PSX.

Sound effects/Music – 10/10:

The sounds in this game were impeccable, from the sound of the quarterback yelling hut, to tackling men on the field, the sound effects are some of the best ever. Yes John Madden (creator of the madden franchise) is repetitive with all of his saying, however they did make it so that he doesn’t reiterate everything like a broken record player in the 2001 version. Now on to the music, the music in this game is CD quality. I had fun going into the sound options thing, or just waiting to play a game, so I can hear the music. They have a huge selection of great music for you to listen too, and trust me they are worth waiting to play a game so you can hear them.

Gameplay - 10/10:

I’m going to be mixing story into this part, ‘cause it goes with it. The gameplay in this game is very excellent, some of the best ever. You can chose from a whole list of things to do like go all the way in season (story mod, see how far you can get) franchise mode, and even practice. But the one mode of play that I thought was amusing was the Classic Madden game. You play a game; well I only played it once, but its fun, in the original style madden game. Yep that’s right those crude graphics, but don’t shoot it down ‘cause of its graphics, it is fun to play! Another thing in madden that’s been in the game for a little while now, are the Madden Cards. When you play a game, you can get tokens from completing Madden Challenges. For every forty tokens that you have, you can trade in for a pack of the Madden cards. I can’t remember if you get fifteen or if you get sixteen cards in each pack.

Replay Value - 10/10

The replay value in this game, are high because of people ambition to either get to the super bowl with all of the teams, and win it, or they can try to get all of the Madden Cards, so they can unlock a very special team. Either way the most that anyone will play over, and over, and over again, might be an exception, just a game between two teams and you can get tokens from there.

Difficulty – 10/10:

For some people, like me when I started, it was really hard to pass in this game. However I soon learned how to react better when passing. They mad it really easy to run I this game, you can run for twenty to eighty yards, and that would be easy. They did keep the difficulty settings so if the game is too easy, pump it up, if it’s too hard then pump it down.

Overall Factor - 10/10

I really enjoy playing this game, I hope that my review peaked an interest in whether or not your going to check it out, well I have this to say to you; if you haven’t played football games in a while, rent it, or play it over at a friends house just to see if you would like it, and if you like it, then definitely buy the game.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 04/01/04

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