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Tony Hawk's Undergrouns Review GBA - Originally Posted: 10/31/03

"Tony Hawk does it again, this time underground" - T.H.U.G. - GBA

Introduction - For those of you that may or may not know, T.H.U.G. or Tony Hawk’s Underground, was spawned from an excellent line of skateboarding games called Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, I-4.

T.H.U.G. is the best skateboarding game there is to this date, and probably has revolutionized the ideas of more skateboarding games to come. Now, before I post anything I must admit to something. The Tony Hawk Skateboarding games have changed my life forever. Now I'm not alone when I say that this game got me hooked into skateboarding, I never really bother with caring for skateboarding that much, until this game came out. Now I watch it on TV whenever I can. Now onto my review!

Graphics - 10/10: The graphics are way better than the other 3. I also like how you can see the tricks flow, the character animations are pretty good, I would have like to have seen better and there is little to no problems with frame rate. The parks are designed extremely well.

Sound Effects/Music - 09/10: The sound effects are better than the music. It’s my opinion, but the music is really bad. It sounds like an old buster CD player that skips a lot is on a train that jumps up and down. Now, some of the sound effects aren’t that great either, when you take a sharp turn, you can hear that wheels skid, now that cool, but it gets annoying really fast!

Gameplay - 10/10: You can jump off from your skateboard, and walk, finally. The controls are simple and easy to learn. Tricks are easy to perform, once you learn them in the story mode. You'll also enter competitions where you compete for medals, especially the gold medal. You can also unlock secret parks, characters, and more things. The game also offers arcade where you skate for points, and Free Skate, which basically serves as a practice mode. It helps a lot to practice in this game. But in an overall, this game is major fun even if you're not a skateboarding fan.

Replay Value - 9.5/10: You have so many things to accomplish in this game. Earning points, performing tricks, earning medals, this game has it all. The practice mode will have you playing as well, but you'll spend a lot time unlocking the game's secrets. Have fun!

Difficulty - infinite/10: You can finally change the difficulty, if it's either too easy, or too hard for your liking.

Overall Factor – 9.75/10: One of the best, if not the best skateboarding games ever made, Tony Hawk's Underground, better known as T.H.U.G. really shows how the sport of skateboarding evolves throughout time, and on the skateboarder him/herself with the new story mode. So, stop reading this and go get the game NOW!!! Trust me, try it and you'll like it. I know I did.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 10/31/03

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