Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Welcome to my video game backlog of doom! I'll be posting a list of my current games in my backlog along with reviews of those games and others.

First let me tell you about myself, I like to play video games. (DUH!!!) but I'm more fascinated in talking about them. I've wrote reviews for places like gamefaqs, and other video game sites. I've even wrote some for my friends who really wanted a complete breakdown of a game. I don't sugarcoat anything when it comes to my reviews. If I hate the game I hate the game but I give reasons why. I'm also not bias when ti comes to my reviews! If I love a game I'll tell you I love the game but there's always something I hate and I'll definitely tell you what I think sucks about said game.

Stay tuned because the first post will be a review of Tekken Hybrid that was actually denied by Gamefaqs, lulz. Most of my reviews will be of older games like NES/SNES, PS1, etc. That's how I roll. If you like that then please stay and hang out, if not then leave!

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