Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chrono Trigger Review

Chrono Trigger is a game that send trends and others try to replicate but
can never duplicate. Even the sequel failed to live up to the original.

The whole game is built on one aspect, Time Travel. One of the best things
in this game that I wish would have been in the sequel Chrono Cross is are
the combos (Techs) in the game. Now what separates this game from other
RPG's of the same ilk is that you have Dual Techs where 2 characters (or
more, not really sure if there are 3, it's been years since I've played
this) are both used in order to achieve a cool move. It not only adds
depth from a who should I try stance, but it also adds some fun and
originality into the battles. You might never go into battle being bored
and you might be able to play this game over and over again for the fact
that you might develop/learn new Techs. Another good thing is that the
battle are quick, nothing is really long and drawn out. You can have a
variety in your group but you can only have 3 active people at a time.
Weapons range from person to person. Chrono uses swords (Katanas) while
Marle uses Bows, Lucca has Guns, etc. Another thing to note here is the
New Game + feature that was in Chrono Cross. It's a great feature that
makes the game more fun and also helps with endings.

The Time Travel really makes this game into what it is. Not only can you
add new battles and new environments to check out and explore but it also
incorporates it into the storyline and that's what really propels this
game like no other. Once you add Time Travel (and good TT, not some
garbage look where go here, now we go here, etc.) into a storyline you
just added a layer of depth that can not only sustain itself, but other
aspects of the story and the game as a whole.

The graphics in this game are excellent. Forgetting that this game came
out on the SNES this is still a please game to the eyes. The colors are
are vibrant and the details are perfect. There is now errant glitches in
the game at all, everything just seems and feels fresh and crisp.

The sounds in this game rival some of the best in the world. There are
some songs in Chro0no Cross that are better, however there are many in
Chrono Trigger that CC couldn't even touch it with a boom lift! The attack
sounds are also very, very good. Some sounds are re-hashed but that's
expected from games as early as this and games with as many attack as this
game does.

One last not is cause and effect. There is a law of motion from Sir Isaac

Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

What this means is that for each one of your actions in this game there is
a different ending for the game. There are multiple endings in this game
and each one is affected by the choices you make in the game. There are
about 15 different endings to the game in all. So choose your actions
wisely. While there are other games that do this, like Chrono Cross,
Catherine, (Catherine is a great game and I'll be reviewing this sometime
soon) Silent Hill, Dead Rising, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, heavy
Rain, Star Ocean: The Second Story (I believe that it has the most endings
of any game with like 80+ endings). All of those games have one thing in
common Chrono Trigger. While it's not the first game (Look at Bubble
Bobble) but it set the trend that a lot of games have followed since then.

Well in the end Chrono Trigger is a great example of what a RPG should be
and I hope that if you never played this game that one day you just might.
You can pick this up on SNES, DS, PSX, Wii, iOS, Android, etc. it's out

I give this game a 10 out of 10!

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