Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories

Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories PSX

"It's time to D-D-D-D-D-DUEL"

Or is it? You see that's the ultimate question for this game, to
duel or not to duel. This game doesn't stay true to the CCG at
all, which is surprising because it's not all that hard to do. in
case you don't know in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh cards each Monster
(creatures you use to attack/defend with) have a set number of
Stars (Levels) from 1-12 (I think 12). monsters with 1-4 stars
need nothing special to put them into play (Unless a card says
otherwise) you just select the card from your hand and play.
Monsters with star levels 5-6 require a tribute (sacrifice a
creature in play) in order to play the monster. The more stars you
go the more tributes are required, just not in this game. If I
remember correctly Dark Duel Stories for the GBC was the same way
as this game. All you do is play the monster! it doesn't matter
if your monster is a level 1 or a level 12, just play him. It
really takes the strategy out of the game and while it does make
it easier for you, it also makes it 10 times worse for you as
well! one good feature is if you want to burn through (get rid of
junk cards in your hand to replace them with more from the deck
you press up on each card you want to do this for. This is also
the same way that you would create a fusion of cards. Another
downfall with this game is that (unlike the real CCG) you can only
play one card per turn. So you can't put down a creature card and
then put down a magic/trap card on that same turn, you have to
wait. One other good thing about this game are the opponents that
you get to play against. From Kaiba, to Joey, to Rex and just
about everyone else. They really added a lot of good famous
characters, each with their own types of decks. Another thing to
point out is that the real cards have abilities, while this games
doesn't have any. It's not so much a deal breaker as it is another
nail in the coffin. Another thing to note about this game is that
if you want the best of the best cards, or even slightly decent
cards, you're gonna have to earn them. By earn them I mean grind
for ever and ever in order to earn enough star chips. For each
game you can you get a set number of Star Chips that you can use
to buy a card. I believe the lowest is 1 and the highest is 5. So
if you wanted a card that cost 500 star chips you have to either
earn it in battle (you get a random card depending on your
performance for either power or defense) you need to win 100
games. That sounds crazy right? Well hold on there cowboy a Blue-
Eyes White Dragon cost an astonishing 999999 Star Chips to buy ONE
OF THEM. At the max of 5 chips per game you need to play 199999.8
games. It's outrageous and ludicrous at at the same time. But wait
there's another downfall with this game (I'M SERIIOUSLY NOT JOKING
HERE!) Each monster card when played has 2 symbols that can be
played, these are called Guardian Stars. There are 2 sets of
Guardian Stars that are used. here are the sets of stars and what
they are strong and weak to:

Mercury beats Sun, Sun beats Moon, Moon beats Venus, Venus beats

Mars Beats Jupiter Beats Saturn Beats Uranus Beats Pluto Beat
Neptune Beats

What all of this means is that if your creature is Mars and your
opponents GS is Jupiter you get a power and defense boost of (I
believe 500) it can also go the opposite way where your opponent
get's the boost.

This is a tricky aspect to try to figure out right away, which is
why you should have this information with you at all times while
playing so you can know which to play and which not to play.

The price of the cards in star chips, not being able to play more
than one card per turn and can play whatever you want whenever
you want (Remember it's a Double–Edged Sword) really put a death
grip on the gameplay. I wish they would’ve took just a bit more
time to work on the gameplay, and not spend all of that time
working on the characters and their individual stories.

The story of the game is that you are in Ancient Egypt as Prince
who (After playing a few duels and progressing the storyline you
wind up in modern times playing as Yugi in a big tournament. Does
this sound somewhat familiar? It should because it follows the
anime pretty well.

I like listening to the music, well I should say I like listening
to it some of the time. It can quickly become repetitive and
annoying. the aren't really any good sound effects either. There
is a 3D fighting with (I believe different sounds) I never sued it
since it takes much more time to watch then a regular animation
because it loads up a 3D representation of the creatures in
battle. Most of the time the attacks are the same so it because
really repetitive and boring fast!

In the end the game can be fun when it doesn't cheat (Your
opponents can get their better cards out much faster than you can
dream of) but it's still really boring when your trying to come up
with a decent deck.

I give this game a 3 out of 10

Side note that this is one of my favorite yu-gi-oh games but I
will still bash a game when it's horrible, and this game is!

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