Sunday, January 27, 2013

Avermedia Game Capture HD Coming tomorrow

According  to tracking, my Avermedia Game Capture HD should be here tomorrow. Once it does I will record some videos from my theater on Modern Warfare 3 and put them on my Youtube channel.

I will have 2 reviews of the unit, the first one will be first impressions and easy to use setup, instructions (manual), etc.

The second review will be for use, how properly the unit works (recording, etc.) + Overall impressions.

Actually there will be a third review. When I can get it (Probably in 2 weeks) I will be buying a Component Video Distribution Amplifier and hooking up my Avermedia and my TV to make sure that there is no loss of quality.

So stay tuned tomorrow for the latest information on my Avermedia Game Capture HD.

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