Tuesday, January 29, 2013

AverMedia Game Capture HD Complete Review + Video at the end

I decided that 2 reviews was stupid, so I'm grouping them into one review.

First things first, the device rocks, totally. It does it's job well and it's really in a class of it's own.

The packaging is really well done. The outer box is visually appealing and shiny. It really ameks you stop and take a look at the device..

The inner shell is a little hard to get out, but that's a good thing. Less of a chance for the whole thing to come flying out.

The device looks really clean and simple. That's because it it, it has a USB port for either a USB HDD or a flash drive, it has a power, record button. IR  reciever for the remote, power port for the ac adapter and a set of component in and component out ports.

The cables looks really good quality, except for the ones that go from device to TV, I will be replacing them soon enough though so no worries.

The remote (like the device is simplistic) there are some things that you can do, but most of the time will be hitting record and stopping your recordings.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself, is read the manual, seriously! Before you can play a game, make sure your in real time mode by clicking the mode button on your remote. This makes no lag at all. The other mode is for every function like manu customizing, etc. RT Mode is for recording videos and snapshots only.

You can select to have one of three options High, Normal, decent quality. Even though it might be overkill I would always use HIGH quality. Seriously, trust me one this. Your gonna want the best quality you can get, and it's some really good quality.

The one big, really big point for this device is that you don't need a PC. Forget those other POS recorders, sorry but they are. All you need is a flash drive or a USB external HDD and click record. That's it, that's all you need to do to record. You don't need a PC to record, especially since some programs have glitches and are buggy and might not even work on your PC either.

You do need a PC to remove the videos from your HDD, but not to record to which helps out a lot. The device will record in AVI format, but not if the firmware is a newer one. Last year they upgraded to have the device record in .MP4 format, which is so much better than AVI.

Upgrading is easy, go to avermedia.com find your device, click on the firmware and download. place the extracted .bin files to the root of your USB flash drive (root means no folders, just go into your flash drive and copy there) go into the avermedia's settings and click on firmwar upgrade. In no time at all your on the newest version and are definetly recording in high quality .MP4 format.

The manual is extensive but really helpful Make sure you read everything before hooking up the device.

The one downside is that since this doesn't need a PC this does not come with a program to render the videos. This is very key to your whole recording/uploading process. However you can use free programs out there, but I would recommend Sony Vegas Pro. Easily the best program I've ever used.

Videos on your PC will look better starting off than on youtube since youtube downgrades all videos, unless you render them highly!

In then end, this price for this device is really worth it. I wish that youtube wasn't such a crux in this whole thing, but it's youtube what do you expect.

I give this device a 9.8 out of 10.

The only downside is that no programs comes with it. So for those of you without any programs you need to buy another part before you can upload in the highest setting you can.

Recon Drone footage from MW3 in the render settings I used then. Still trying to find the best one qith keeping quality and one that doesn't take 20 minutes to render a 1 minute file.

Make sure it's in 1080P. The lower the quality the worse it looks.

Youtube Video I Love Recon Drone

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