Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jetpack Joyride PSN Review

Jetpack Joyride has an interesting title, you know what's in store for you, a Joyride in a Jetpack. Jetpack Joyride is a little reminescent of older game styles in that it's a 2d side view game. The object is to collect coins and Final spin coins that you fly or run by all while avoiding obstacles like laser beams, missles, etc. There are many different jetpacks that you can use (you must buy them from the coins your earned playing games) these jetpacks include but are not limited to, Machine Gun Jetpack,
Tradition Jetpack, Bubblegum Jetpack, Shark Head Jetpack, etc.

You can also update your appearance in the game with new clothes and you can buy gadgets or one time use only items to help you. 2 Gadgets can be equipped at any given time like shoes to help you jump higher, a gem that will turn random coins into gems making them worth more, turn yourself into a block of ice so when you crash you can slide out a couple of extra feet.

You can get upgrades for vehicles, yes I said vehicles. This game has 6 that you can play in while you're playing the game you will see a box and if you touch it you will hop into one of 6 vehicles. These vehicles are A Dragon, A Bird, A Teleporter, A Motorcycle, A Mech Suit, and a Gravity Suit. The best thing about these vehicles (Aside from upgrading them with magnets to have coins come to you if your close but not touching them) is that if you run into a laser beam or a missile normally your run would end (unless you get an extra run from the final spin assuming you have spin tokens) these vehicles will take the first hit for you, breaking apart and you emerge unharmed.

The music and sound effects are awesome and since you never  know what vehicle you will hop in nothing gets too stale or drawn out. The graphics are really pleasing to the eyes, bright vibrant colors that pop out at you.

To help you with getting coins, there are missions to do, like travel 300 on foot, collecting 3 spin tokens in one game, dodging a missle, etc. Each time you play there are always 3 missions, no more and no less. T=Each mission has a rating from 1-3 Stars, these start level you up and help with getting more coins. Each time you level up you get coins, and the more you level, the more coins you earn.

This game is free, and because of that there are purchases that you could make like buying more coins if you don't feel like playing. Seriously though I can earn about 5 thousand coins in almost no time, so i don't see the sense in that at all, but whatever floats your boat.

This game gets a 10 out of 10

Not a joke, I fell that this is a perfect game for these reasons:

#1a. It's free - free doesn't always mean awesome but it does when it also has this...
#1b. It's so freaking fun, it's not boring and it forces you to try to beat yourself, how far can I go? what does this cool gadget do?, etc.

#3. Asthetically and audibly this is an amazing game, like I said before the colors are spot on, nothing too overpowering and nothing fading out, and the sound both musically and effects are really cool.

I hope you all enjoy this game, now go steal a Jetpack!

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