Friday, January 4, 2013

Demolition Inc Review

Demolition Inc. is a strange game however it is very funny. The concept is your an alien in a spaceship where you try to make cars crash vehicles into buildings and you collect the debris which is how you gain money to complete the level. The more damage you do, the more money you get, means the more your score will be.

The way you do this is simple, you use items, like oil slicks, glue, exploding cows, etc. Like I said it's a simple idea but it's by no means simple.

Each place you go to has a challenge all of it's own. From having to collect as much as you can (which is usually everything) to doing the same thing but having to make enough money to buy an earthquake item which will level almost everything in a really huge range. Another way it's challenging is that when you start a level you only get a few items to destroy building. You have to destroy certain buildings in order to make more items drop out of them.

You start off with a few basic areas, but the more stars (the more you destroy and the more money you make you get a rating of stars) you unlock more areas. The problem with this is the fact that you are just going from one city to another rehashed city. There isn't much that differentiates one from another, so it does get fairly repetitive.

One of the coolest things with this game is that since it is 3D you can view the buildings from another angle which might show a weakness to them. Some buildings on certain levels contained exploding barrels right next to them that you might not have noticed had you not looked around the city.

The graphics look good, they don't look spectacular but that's the point. The game looks a little comical and it has that feel to it since you are an alien in a spaceship destroy buildings and collecting the debris.

The music is bad, it's nothing that stands out or anything and the sounds, while they do their job they don't really wow or amaze me.

One of the best things with this game is the way the buildings collapse, and things blow up. This simple game has some really good physics in it. I was surprised that this game could preform like that.

In the end I give this game an 7.8 out of 10.

I would have liked a few more features, or at the very least have more places and make the places at least seem more dissimilar between each other.

I would recommend this game for some fun.

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