Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mini Review: Cogs

Cogs is a puzzle game where it takes more than just luck to complete. It takes skill, thought and luck. It's a sliding puzzle game and if your like me you are bad at those types of games. What seperates this game from others like it is that It's not just sliding pieces around to make a picture. You must slide pieces around until you can complete the machine. yes I said machine, there are cogs and pipes that supply steam and you must connect from one end to another. Still sounding somewhat easy? Well it's still not since some puzzles require you to complete both sides, front and back or all four sides like a cube.

You are scored on three things, completing the puzzle, amount of moves, and time it took to complete. The lowest score you can ever achieve is Gold for completing the puzzle. There are
4 scores for the time and moves, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and nothing.

There are also some audible puzzles where you ahve to recreate the sound that is played in the beginning by hitting a bell. These are tough, especially when you must hit them in a specific order. The puzzles are hard, but when you complete them, you feel a sense of accomplishment. The best is when you complete puzzles that are moving machines like a cart, or a rocket and you get to see if move or take off when done.

 In the end, this is a really fun game that it definitely tricky but like I said give you a great feeling or a job well
done once you beat a puzzle.

I give this game a 9.5 out of 10.

Here is a video of the game.

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