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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Call of Duty is in the air, some people love it and to other CoD is like a disease that ravages our world. Both sides have equal rights to their claims, but for now lets start on the good.

Modern Warfare 3 is without a doubt my favorite from IW. Out of the 3, MW 1, 2, and now 3, it is the best from Infinity Ward. They brought back the Spec. Ops and added harder and just plain more fun challenges. They also introduced 2 new modes (which I will talk about later) I'm glad they kept it to the style of MW2 but made it much faster paced. The problem I had with BO (First one) is that it was slow and clunky. This really feels like MW2, only with no hackers (I have yet to run into one in 6 hours of online game time and none of my friends have either). They introduced a new method of unlocking attachments for your weapon which is a double-edge sword.On one hand the old style of get X kills gives you this is great but now that the weapon has it's own level is cool and all but I think that this will be a booster's wet dream.

One of the best Multiplayer modes to come out is called Kill Confirmed. Whenever you or anyone else dies they drop dog tags. It's your job to collect them. Yellow tags means that an enemy has died and dropped a dog tag, whereas red tags means that either you or one of your team members have died and dropped a dog tag.You can really level up a lot in this mode and this is how. Let's say that I kill Player 3 (I am player 1, you are on my team and your player 2) and I either can't get to the dog tag or I don't bother getting it and you pick it up. You will get points (XP) for collecting and "Confirming" the kill and I will get the same amount of points. So I could drop the whole team (let's say there are 5 of them and if I remember a KC tag is 50 XP) and you pick all of them up. You will get 50 XP x 5 Tags = 250 XP for both you and I.

It's a wonderful game mode and possibly one of the best I've ever played. Oh almost forgot if you die and collect your own red tag you get more XP, well actually you get a bonus. You get a denied kill bonus + a retrieve your own tag bonus.Multiplayer for the most part is not laggy or glitchy as other games were, it is however fast paced, and filled with lots of interesting things to do. I also like the new weapons and items
that you can use/equip like the EMP Grenades. They added a lot of stuff to this game to really make it fell more (at least to me) than your traditional shooter.

Remember when I said that they added 2 new modes to the Spec. Ops section? They added Survival and Chaos. Let's start off this final section with Survival Mode. Survival Mode can be played one any of the maps, Resistance, Underground, Dome, Bakara, Etc. The goal is that you have Waves of enemies (Kind of like Treyarch's Nazi Zombies) and you have to see how far you can get, how many waves can you endure, how long can you stay alive? It's really fun and challenging, but they do give you a 30 second break between each wave to get essentials like grenades, weapons, ammo, etc. I might have a video of it up tomorrow but the videos are out there now so you should look them up!

The last mode they introduced was/is Chaos. Chaos is only unlocked if you buy the 3rd Content Collection (DLC) which I did last night. I really wanted to play a few times to get the feel for it so I can create as accurate of a review of it as I can. Chaos mode differs slightly from Survival but it's the same principal, how
long can you live? how long can you keep your combo going for? can you get to the next weapon or grenade? Here are the differences between Survival Mode and Chaos Mode:

Survival Mode:                                                          Chaos Mode:

Can be played on all maps                                       First 4 Maps Only
30 Second Breaks                                                   No Breaks at all
Somewhat endless number of enemies                      ENDLESS ENEMIES
Kill to earn money to buy more weapons                 Kill to keep combo going
No Time Limit                                                        2 Minutes but combos can extend your time

That right there are the differences, they are different but kind of familiar.  You start out in chaos mode with a pistol and you must run around the map and pick up weapons (Not the weapons that the enemies drop because they don't anymore) or pick up grenades, care packages, etc. you must keep your combo going as long as you can. There are 3 ways to lose a Chaos match, Getting Killed and having no more Self revives which you start off with a few and can pick them up from care packages. The 2 minutes have expired and
you don't have a combo at all (e.g. you didn't kill anyone and the time stopped) or your past the 2 minute mark and your combo stops.

You get new perks every 10 combo, these are the order in which you get them:

Sleight of Hand, Quickdraw, Extreme Conditioning, Stalker, Steady Aim, Fast Health Regen, juiced.

Care packages can contain Sentry Guns, bonus points of 5-10k, Extra Time, Self Revives, Combo Freezer.

Chaos mode is truly endless, action packed and seriously a challenge. Especially when they drop like 3 Juggers on you. The enemies don't disappear so in the case of a Jugger. If you just run around they will come for you and they will always be there unless you take them out.

Now I know I said that both for and against the CoD franchise have their own reason to say that. I am all for CoD, but I think they they could maybe have a little bigger of a time between each game and not have one come out, then the next one the following year and etc. They market has been flooded with Modern Shooters for some time now and I think that they need to take a step back in time and maybe go back to some great WWII games. No matter what anyone says World at War without the hackers is the best Call of
Duty out there. If was the first to introduce the Nazi Zombies, and the game just sucks you in the campaign and the multiplayer was great as well. People hated WWII shooters when that came out because of the flood of them and this is what I'm feeling now with this new age of Modern Warfare.

I really like this game though, even for saturating and already flooded modern shooter environment, they added new modes and styles of gameplay that makes this different from the rest.

I give this game an 8.9 out of 10.

My really big gripe with this game is that Chaos Mode was not made for each map like survival mode was, they could have at least done a few more maps and not just have it be 4 maps only.

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