Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Faerie Solitaire Review.

Faerie Solitaire is a game that I've been checking out for a few days before I got it, because it looks so fun and so unique and I thought that it would be a fun game to play. Boy I couldn't have been more right than I was because it was what I expected and more.

This is such a cool and addicting game and it is very challenging despite also be so simple. The object is to clear cards from the game but it's not as simple as other solitaire games. You can only clear a card that is either on value higher or lower than your card. AN example of this is let's say you have a 7 revealed as the top card of the cards left in the deck. You can only take from the field either a 6 or an 8. You can link together great combos if you plan carefully so start for an ace you see 4 2's and 3 3's, etc. you go ace (as starting card) 2, 3, 2, 3, etc. The more you link the better since the best thing to do is to clear the entire board. Some rounds you play have goals that you must achieve in a run of 9 games. They range from getting a 5 card combo to getting 2 perfects (clearing the field completely) to making more than $6,000 in a game.

Like I said this is a fun and addicting and simple game but sometimes the challenges can be a little tricky.

The money in this game is useful because you use the money ti buy stuff like giving you a tool where if you can't remove cards from the field, after a few times of this you can fire a "weapon" where it destroys one card and makes that your active card on the top of your deck. This tool ahs helped me more times than I know. Other tools give you more mulligans, or peek at the card from the deck (only the top card that's available to play is viewed and the rest are upside down and hidden from you) to items that make more upside down cards on the field start right side up.

The game also has eggs that you can collect. These eggs will evolve into babies and if you collect enough of certain materials you can even evolve them into their adult forms. There really is no need to do it but it does add more of a fun/cuteness feel to the game.

The story of the game is you are a young boy who tries to discover why faeries are in pain. You go from place to place working your way to the final faerie at the end of each place, trying to figure out what is going on.

The story is a little lackluster but it's still okay and doesn't hinder the game at all in my opinion.

The game is also long, I believe that there is over 40 levels to play featuring at least having to play 360 games of solitaire.

This game is long but it's by no means short.

I give this game an 8.5 out of 10. I wish that there weren't so many games that one would have to play but it's all good. I also wish (and this is where the big downside from the game comes about) that you could do something with those pets, kind of like how Insaniquarium's pets offer different things like ouble the money you earn for each game, etc.

It's a fun game to play and I hope you at least give it a shot.

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